In Contact Us – L’Afritech, we ensure Interactive integrates and implements technology to achieve e-business, Web presence, intranet and extranet collaboration, media management, and process automation so powerful your business can practically run on autopilot.

We have been serving the market for the past 4 years. With over 100+ customers, Interactive is a leading and well-established player in this market. Our services are tailored to your needs with optimized processes that use the latest technology innovations alongside a team of seasoned technical consultants and business analysts. We offer value far exceeding any competition

Ever since our inception, we have had the opportunity to work for many companies including Fortune 500 companies across Africa, USA, UK and Middle East. We have mainly worked on developing different products ranging from Customized Enterprise solutions, Business process automation, web-based workflow management solutions, e-commerce & web-based CMS and Website maintenance for our growing list of clients. We have expertise in both Microsoft and Open source technologies. We ensure that we provide high quality services to all our clients, from web designing to complex projects.

We help our clients integrate their business and IT processes into a coherent whole. We create flexible, robust IT solutions that are geared specially to our clients’ business needs and processes.

We get to know our clients and their businesses so we can give them the best return on their IT investments. We show them how to unlock the strategic value hidden in segmented and fragmented data and we provide leading technologies that give them unparalleled insight into their businesses which results in speedy and measurable benefits to client organizations, and thereby providing returns on their investments

We provide the highest standard in the development and integration of web enabled applications and services through:

Understanding our clients requirements and their business processes

Multi-level testing of our solution before, during and after deployment.

Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Managing projects according to international project management methods.

Providing professional customer support and warranty services. Domain Knowledge with right expertise

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