Our Microsoft Dynamics ERPs have the following integrated modules that share information;

  1. Integrated Financial Management -Management of bookkeeping & inventory, cash flow management, fixed assets control using the fixed asset register, bank reconciliations and collections in multiple currencies, locations and companies.
  2. Procurement Management – Customize workflow processes to mirror the approval processes of your organization all the way from requisition to the final approval to improve your responsiveness and help pursue new opportunities. The Module is aligned to international standards , Procure-to-Pay.
  3. Human Capital & Administration – Our customized solution follows the international agreed standards, Hire to Retire Cycle. The modules has the following submodules:
    • Core Human Resource Processes
    • Payroll Management
    • Staff Establishment
    • Recruitment & Selection
    • Employee Management
    • Employee Appraisal
    • Leave Management
    • Discipline Management 
    • Training
    • Employee Separation
    • Fleet Management 
    • Property Management
  4. Manufacturing – Control your production process, define bill of materials, define labor cost, machinery costs, overheads and costs of components, improve supply planning, stay agile and respond quickly to customer needs.
  5. Sales & Marketing – Collect and manage customer and sales data that provide critical insight in the creation of marketing campaigns. Organize service resources using predictive analysis and track parts consumption.
  6. Students Management – A solution for academic Institutions. 

Benefits of our Solutions

  1. Increased Productivity:
    • Organization employees will have their own, personalized home page with multiple views and convenient links to the resources, data, and applications they need for their jobs, and they would have institution- specific notes in the Microsoft Navision Help system.
    • The managers and employees will be able to receive automatic notifications and alerts in case of important business events, for example, when critical supplies run low, delivery dates change, or cash reserves go below a certain threshold or students registration goes beyond a certain limit.
    • Microsoft NAV will be of value to an Organization and her employees as they will be able to use business software more easily, be able to learn new functions quickly, and enjoy a software environment that will let them work very much in the way you they are used to, whatever they do.
    • Business Analytics in NAV will benefit Organizations senior managers and the other business managers to understand better what actual business productivity is, and how they can drive and improve it.
    • There would be an advantage in reducing the cost and administrative labor involved in data entry, document creation, and document transmittal, as well as reduces the data entry error rate between the ERP system being implemented with other future or current Organization systems is having by using the XML technology that is embedded in NAVISION system.
    • Organization management will be able to examine details of individual transactions or events, even very complex transactions, with complete audit trails and histories.
  2. Business Growth:
    • There will be a benefit to the Organization and the management in having the ability to start implementation of Microsoft NAV with the more fundamental capabilities and then add new functions as their operations or business increases or changes.
    • Our expertise will help the Organization to streamline Microsoft NAV to fit their business requirements and any needs that may be specific to the education industry or market.
    • Microsoft NAV integrate with other business applications and systems, and keep their functions and data available to users as the business grows.
    • Organization will be able to receive as part of an ongoing program any upgrades and enhancements that become available for Microsoft Navision, as Microsoft has a long-term road map for this product to make sure it will continue to be valuable and viable.
  3. Improve Competitiveness:
    • Organization will be able to analyze business performance data from all areas of the operations and plan improvements to business results.
    • Business-critical data will be delivered from Microsoft Navision right to the manager’s desktop, where they can analyze and work with it.
    • The Senior Directors or managers will have a broad range of business reports that are easy to create, run, and customize, and that will help them see and manage how the institution performs.
    • Life will be made easier for University Students, customers, partners, and vendors as they will have the ability to access the institutions’s service on their own, through portals that are tailored to their needs and roles. I.e. student’s registration over the web, checking exam results e.t.c


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