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Hospital Management Software

L’AfriTech has devised the hospital management system to manage patient’s inflow and outflow. It also serves the purpose of all other tasks related to hospitals. The hospitals around the world are in great demand for software that helps them at every level in their smooth operations.

Real Estate Portal

Real estate Portal is a lightning fast and lightweight PHP script, equipped with using which you can easily hook to its inner functions. You can launch a real estate website within minutes. The demo has 5000+ listings but loads within 2 seconds. You can also use it to earn passive income by promoting Adsense or similar ads.

Hotel Booking Software

we have very dynamic and very creative Hotel booking software for more info contact us

Multivendor E Commerce

we are providing a complete feature for user and seller also we are providing bidding system in this website script. working like Alibaba clone script, Amazon clone script, Snapdeal clone script, and Flipkart clone script. for more info contact us

Online Exam Exam

we are providing gradeup clone script or clone script bankeradda247 clone script and wifistudy clone script for more info contact us

Online Food Portal

we have very dynamic and very creative Online food Portal for more info contact us

Online Cab Portal

we have very dynamic and very creative Online Cab Portal for more info contact us

Crowdfunding Script

we have very dynamic and very creative Crowdfunding Script for more info contact us

Freelance Portal

we have very dynamic and very creative Freelance Portal for more info contact us

Learning Management System

we have very dynamic and very creative LMS system for more info contact us

Online Doctor Portal

we have very dynamic and very creative Freelance Portal for more info contact us

MLM SOftware

we have very dynamic and very creative MLM Project for more info contact us

Affiliate Clone Script

we have very dynamic and very creative Affiliate clone script for more info contact us

Amazon Clone Scripts

we have very dynamic and very creative Affiliate Amazon Clone Scripts for more info contact us

Deal Aggregator Script

Deal Aggregator Script by AfriTech Solutions allows you to open the space, attract buyers and sellers together with everyone, eliminate business problems, professional activities, shop.

Auction Script

Affiliate Marketing is a type of business or trader that uses one or more partners for all visitors or visitors from its own printing company. Affiliate Marketing is a popular online program that directs drivers to the merchant’s website in terms of usage costs.

Search Engine Script

AfriTech has a unique Cloning Edition that will be perfect for finding your site when it maximizes your software for search engines, such as links to social media such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace.

Crowdfunding Script

Crowdfunding Script byAfriTech Solutions is the edition of CloneStarter Kickstarter, which allows you to create your own website with value as a gift, where fundraisers can create minimum jobs and participants to fully finance business benefits while planning services.

ECommerce Script

AfriTech has developed a lot of e-commerce notes that are intended for all online businesses, regardless of whether you want to shop in an online store, in the company, or do business with a store or want to set up your own Amazon Clone from Venture to multi-store, multi-eCommerce and own cone – we have a solution.

Review Script

This survey was created primarily for the convenience of people who want to send messages from the company, goods, services, services or other people. Search for websites served by mail and referral. Along with the development of the internet market, a new review process function has been developed, aimed at creating suppliers by concluding agreements with e-commerce vendors and companies.

Email Marketing Script

Email Marketing Script by AfriTech is a great gift card that helps in the e-mail industry and provides Cliff Mail, such as MailChimp, Aweber, SurveyMonkey, iContact and many more. Email marketing means sending messages sent to companies directly to the e-mail client.

MailChimp Clone

MailChimp Clone by AfriTech Solutions is a MailChimp PHP Clone mailbox that helps you create an e-mail address for sending e-mails and newsletters, such as MailChimp. It will help you start your business right away. This will allow you to provide ease, build and friendliness to companies / e-marketing users.

Job Portal Script

Useful websites that help employers find job seekers. Register only at the portal office, such as an employer or job seeker. If you’re an employer, simply register to get employment and permissions.

Dating Script

More and more competitive meetings. Developing and choosing is similar, hunting has increased so that people can get to know each other before they get married. Contractual arrangements include men and women who have the choice of which date, and have an extensive business environment for those who want to connect, spend time together, expect to create a relationship between people who have similar feelings.

Social Media Script

In the publication, bulletins are a communication tool, such as newspapers or radio, and popular bulletins for online communication. If you are looking for a business for your company, advertising is one of the most effective ways of publishing good results, and even without restrictions, respect and work with it.

Travel Script

Traveling or running away from a remote place and traveling, riding a bicycle, trailer, trailer, boat, plane or other use, with or without luggage, and can be either out of the house or out of it. Travel is an important part of modern society.

Web Portal Script

Time. Or, in a short time, it’s the most important thing for people. People do not have time to browse the web for messages, electronic publications, music, and news. The websites of the portal contain all information, written from many sources. Go to one. Internet portals offer a variety of resources, e-mail, forums, search engine, online business, and news. Businesses can use online marketing and want to make sure all information is available on their website.

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